• Independent portfolio management since 1991
  • Specialists in risk management
  • Individual mandates for private and institutional investors starting at 1 Mio. Euro.
  • Distinct advantages through independence and fee structure.
  • Participation in installment plans or investment with smaller investment sums in the funds we advise.


We manage liquid assets for both foreign and domestic investors for sums starting at 1 million Euro. Our investment policy is conservative with a focus on risk control based, systematic trend-following concepts. The clientelle includes both private and institutional investors. In addition to this we advise Capital Investment Companies on investment grade management in various asset categories in their funds. For investment sums less than 1 million Euro or for purchases on an installment plan investors may participate in those funds which we advise.

The Firm

We founded our business in October 1991, and consider ourselves to be financial portfolio managers in the classical sense. Presently we have 9 employees. The management, Thomas Grohmann and Martin Weinrauter, have many years of experience in the investment field and have specialized in the development and implementation of strategic hedge systems for use in investment portfolios to reduce both absolute and relative risk. Grohmann & Weinrauter is a financial services institute according to Paragraph 1 Section 1a of the Kreditwesengesetz (German Banking Law) and is subject to the supervision and authority of the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin).


Our approach is only made possible by our independence: there are no conflicts of interest with a bank or parent company (no obligation or pressure through turnover bonuses or to prefer house products) and there are no conflicts with our renumeration (no profit-based compensation which could lead to increased risk in management or transactions).

Through these measures we can:

  • concentrate fully on the investment objectives of our clients and therefore take advantage of strategic opportunities
  • represent customer interests over the long term and ensure continuity in investment policies (compared to the high personal turnover in banks) as well as
  • negociate special conditions at a number of banks
  • and take the time for special and individual solutions.


The risk in investments must be considered just as the opportunities. Please click risk for an overview of the basic risks and the specific risks of our approach.