An example of using our management approach with the DAX Index.


We developed the DAXTREND hedge concept specially for use with the German stock market. The goal of the concept is to permit the investor to have a high degree of participation in the long term profit growth of the companies and at the same time to reduce the disadvantage of sharp price swings and corrections.



These results show that over the long term a greater return has been achieved with a lower risk.

More detailed information on the DAXTREND may be obtained from the separate description elsewhere on this website. The DAXTREND system has been available outside of our fund management through the WARBURG-DAXTREND-FONDS since September 1997.

We are using similar concepts to hedge exposure in bonds and currencies. In the GWP-Fonds FT hedging techniques are being impementec in all asset categories.

Please note that due to many factors past performance results do not guarantee that similar results will be obtained in the future.