ISIN DE0009784801 WKN 978 480

Suitable for:

  • Security oriented private bond Investors who:
  • wish a more constant, less erratic rise in total value of their assets, and
  • from an after-tax viewpoint - still want a good performance in the bond market.

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Fund performance in rolling 12 month periods
gross *

gross of sales fee

net **

net of sales fee

Performance calculated on the basis of the repurchase price and reinvestment of payouts at the repurchase price:

gross of sales fee * ) = Fund performance in Euro according to BVI on the basis of the repurchase price. Initial sales fees were not taken into account.

net of sales fee * * ) = Performance for the investor in Euro including a sales fee of 3 % in the first period.

Custodian account fees are not included in this calculation. If they had been included the performance would have been less.

Risk/return profile of the fund since inception (28.10.2004-29.09.2017)

Gross-Return* (Cumulative Risk Performance) Risk (Annualized Volatility)
EURO RENTEN-TREND + 33,2 % 4,0 %

Performance of the fund in individual calendar years (gross of sales fee*)

2004 + 2,06 % (since inception 28.10.)
2005 + 3,83 %
2006 + 0,18 %
2007 + 0,18 %
2008 + 13,11 %
2009 - 3,99 %
2010 + 5,16 %
2011 + 8,65 %
2012 - 1,98 %
2013 - 1,69 %
2014 + 8,83 %
2015 - 1,89 %
2016 + 2,34 %
2017 until 29.09. - 4,10 %

30.09.2016 - 29.09.2017 - 4,92 % - 4,92 %
30.09.2015 - 30.09.2016 + 0,65 % + 0,65 %
30.09.2014 - 30.09.2015 + 3,23 % + 3,23 %
30.09.2013 - 30.09.2014 + 4,71 % + 4,71 %
28.09.2012 - 30.09.2013 - 1,27 % - 4,15 %

Investment Objectives

The WARBURG-EURO RENTEN-TREND-FONDS attempts to achieve as great a participation as possible in bull markets in the long end of the fixed income market while reducing losses in bear markets. This is done through an active management of the bond maturities. The markets traded are Euro-denominated government bonds of Germany and other European Union countries. The management of the bond maturities is mostly achieved through the use of futures. The fund maturity management decisions are made by a trend-following system(REXTREND Hedge Concept). The objective of the maturity management concept is to achieve a continuous and above average performance over the long term, over a series of bond market cycles.

Investment Strategy and Concept

The bulk of the fund capital is invested in fixed income European government bonds, primarily Bunds, with either short maturities or a short period of time left to redemption. This is considered the base or core of the fund. In phases of falling interest rates the average maturity of the portfolio will be increased in a series of steps through the use of Euro-Bund futures, until the average maturity of the fund is about 10 years. The future positions are considered the trend-portion of the fund.

Through the purchase of bonds with a low nominal yield and short maturities as well as the periodic extension of maturity through futures the fund management aims for a balance between capital gains potential and risk averse positions. This strategy is advantageous from a taxation point of view.

Advantages for the Investor

  • A trend and risk controlled basic investment in the German bond market
  • A systematic use of profit potential in phases of falling interest rates through a step-wise lengthening of the maturities


The risk in investments must be considered just as carefully as the opportunities. Please click risk for an overview of the basic risks and the specific risks of our approach.
Furthermore we request that you read the general and strategy-specific risk descriptions which are contained in the sales prospectus.

Important Information:

Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator for future performance. Tax treatment varies according to the personal situation of each investor and can change in the future. All information here has been carefully researched, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. This document is a collection of information and is not advice or a recommendation. An investor must consult with his advisor and receive a customer- and product-oriented counseling prior to the purchase of the fund. The legal basis for the purchase of the fund is the Key Investor Information Document, the current fund prospectus as well as the annual and the semi-annual reports, which may be obtained from Grohmann & Weinrauter VermögensManagement GmbH, Warburg Invest KAG mbH, or the depositary bank. Please see the fund prospectus for general and strategy-specific information on risks.
Data sources: Warburg Invest and own calculations