Advantages for the Investor

  • Stock and bond investments in balance (diversification)
  • Three time-tested G&W strategies in one fund
  • Risk management goal: small drawdowns (price setbacks from the high of the fund price)

  • Suitable as an stand-alone investment starting with a medium term time horizon


A discussion of possible risks associated with this fund may be found here. Please note the general and strategy-specific risk discussion in the sales prospectus.

Performance of the concept in rolling 12 month periods
gross *

gross of sales fee

net **

net of sales fee

The performance of the G&W-BALANCED RETURN-R-CONCEPT is calculated as follows :

gross of sales fee * ) = Simulation based on real results of the repurchase price and reinvestment of payouts at the repurchase price of the funds: (70%) WARBURG-EURO RENTEN-TREND-FONDS (Sec. ID 978 480), (15%) WARBURG-DAXTREND-FONDS (Sec. ID 976 544), (15%) WARBURG-TREND ALLOCATION PLUS-FONDS (Sec. ID 978 038), each adjusted for costs of 1,90% p.a.. From May 6, 2013 real fund data of the G&W-BALANCED RETURN-FONDS-I (Sec. ID A0HGMA) with added costs of 1,20% p.a. Initial sales fees were not taken into account. The simulation covers a period in which this fund class was not offered. Real results from July 25, 2014 onwards.

net of sales fee * * ) = Simulation performance for the investor including a sales fee of 3% in the first period. Custodian account fees (incurred by the customer) are not included in this calculation. If they had been included the performance would have been less.

Risk/return profile of the concept (18.05.2005-29.09.2017)

(Annualized Risk Performance) (Cumulative Risk Performance) (Annualized Volatility)
G&W -BALANCED RETURN-R + 2,3 % + 32,7 % 4,4 %

Performance of the concept in individual calendar years (gross of sales fee*)

2005 + 6,40 % (since 18.05.)

2006 + 3,89 %
2007 + 3,02 %
2008 + 0,46 %
2009 + 2,57 %
2010 + 2,62 %
2011 + 3,92 %
2012 + 4,95 %
2013 + 0,33 %
2014 + 3,41 %
2015 - 0,15 %
2016 - 1,70 %
2017 until 29.09. - 0,77 %

30.09.2016 - 29.09.2017 + 0,23 % + 0,23 %
30.09.2015 - 30.09.2016 - 4,24 % - 4,24 %
30.09.2014 - 30.09.2015 + 3,88 % + 3,88 %
30.09.2013 - 30.09.2014 + 2,55 % + 2,55 %
28.09.2012 - 30.09.2013 - 0,69 % - 3,58 %

Investment Goal

Steady growth through systematic adjustments of the weightings of German government bonds and stocks using three time-tested G&W risk management systems.

Investment Strategy

  • The G&W-Balanced-Return-Fonds is oriented to a payout of income, and invests in high coupon government bonds of the German Federal Republic (about 85%), and in German stocks (about 15%).
  • These stocks (about 15%) will be systematically sold or hedged.
  • Additionally, the stock portion of the portfolio can be synthetically increased (G&W TREND ALLOCATION model) in times of rising stock prices through the purchase of DAX futures contracts. Including derivatives the stock holdings can reach about 40% of the fund volume.
  • If the G&W TREND ALLOCATION model is not or only partially engaged in DAX futures contracts, then the maturities of about 15% of the bonds will be partially or fully lengthened to equal the maturity of the REXP Index through the purchase of bond futures contracts.
  • The maturities of 70% of the bonds will be lengthened to about 10 years through the purchase of Bund futures contracts. In times of falling bond prices the modified duration of the entire position of bonds and fixed income derivates will be systematically reduced through the sale of Bund futures contracts (G&W REXTREND model).
  • The sum of the investments can exceed the total of the fund volume (increased market risk).

DAX® is a registered trademark of the Deutsche Börse AG.

Important Information:

Please note that past performance is not a reliable indicator for future performance. Tax treatment varies according to the personal situation of each investor and can change in the future. All information here has been carefully researched, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy. This document is a collection of information and is not advice or a recommendation. An investor must consult with his advisor and receive a customer- and product-oriented counseling prior to the purchase of the fund. The legal basis for the purchase of the fund is the Key Investor Information Document, the current fund prospectus as well as the annual and the semi-annual reports, which may be obtained from Grohmann & Weinrauter VermögensManagement GmbH, Warburg Invest KAG mbH, or the depositary bank. Please see the fund prospectus for general and strategy-specific information on risks.
Data sources: Warburg Invest and own calculations