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22.08.2011 Message of the Management

As solid as the rock of Gibraltar:

Grohmann & Weinrauter. Successful. Even in times of crisis.


In mid August 2011, at the height of the debt crisis (so far), the G&W investment performance once again merits a look at the description "as solid as the rock of Gibraltar". In the past twenty years this meaningful analogy has often been used by the media to describe the performance of our funds. The reference to solidity describes very accurately the performance of the G&W funds in the current market situation.

The starting point for these consistent successes in phases of market disturbance now lies almost 24 years ago. In October 1987 we lived through a similar market move. Afterwards we made a resolution, and since then have always been able to keep it: “we do not want to just passively permit times of crisis to happen to us and our customers, but - particularly in such times - to actively and systematically produce better investment results than the market.”

This achievement is so decisive because in times in which the value of capital investments is falling longer and farther than previously expected the mental pressure on the investor increases continually. When this pressure, intensified by the reporting style in the press, results in the decision to escape the stress by selling, the damages often cannot be repaired afterwards. As asset managers and fund managers we have repeatedly demonstrated that we are able to avoid this financial-existential stress scenario. After almost twenty years our name stands for our disciplined approach to our work.

More than 50% of the funds which we advise, both stock(!) as well as fixed income funds, were holding a single digit placing in the ranking lists in the period around August 10, 2011. The numbers of the comparative funds are rounded and are approximations, because different numbers of funds are given in different lists. Funds from some managers, which have many asset classes but identical performance, have been classified as one fund.

1st place (from around 450 funds, 1 year) Bonds, Euro diversified

2nd place (from around 450 funds, 5 years) Stocks, US standard issues

2nd place (from around 200 funds, 1 year) Euro government bonds

3rd place (from around 700 funds, 1 year) Mixed funds, Euro, flexible

3rd place (from around 200 funds, 1 year) Euro government bonds

5th place (from around 80 funds in 2011) German stocks

6th place (from around 200 funds, 1 year) Euro government bonds